Great Commission Trips
is a chartered, subordinate ministry of
a California, non-profit, 501(c) (3) tax exempt religious corporation.

Our volunteer G.C. Trips staff:

Director:                    Janet Morrison
Secretary:                  Maryann Stevens
Treasurer:                  Jillian Caranto
Advisory Council members:
                                   Bermie Dizon
                                   Anne Stapleton

Doctrinal Statement  Grace Communion International Beliefs
Our Denomination     Grace Communion International
Camps and other activities for youth  Generations Ministries

                                                  Trip Leaders:  Michael & Janet MorrisonJanet & Mike Morrison

Mike was born in southern Illinois. He attended college in Illinois and after earning a B.A. in biology he moved to California to attend another college. After graduating in 1983 he was employed by Grace Communion International as a writer and editor.
He has a Masters degree from Azusa Pacific University and a PhD in New Testament from Fuller Seminary. He has been employed by Grace Communion International since 1983 and is currently the Dean of Faculty at Grace Communion Seminary.

Janet was born and raised in New Zealand. She moved to the United States to attend college in 1979. In the midst of her college years she took 6 months off to live in Thailand and teach English to Laotian refugees. While at college she met Mike Morrison, and after she graduated in 1984 they were married in New Zealand.


Janet has taught Bible lessons in a juvenile prison, volunteers at a Christian summer camp for youth 8 17 yrs - SEP So. Cal. and is the Director and Trip Leader for GC Trips.

Mike & Janet have two adult children, Steven, & Melinda.  Together, Mike & Janet have been leading summer mission trips for more than 10 years. See HISTORY

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