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Rather than spend a lot of money on airfares, wouldn't it better to just send the money to the country for them to do ministry?

Good question. This is a question I also used to ask. The problem here is that people aren't usually motivated to just send the money.  What I have found is that when someone actually goes to another country they are much more motivated to raise money for their trip and for the mission projects we will be doing.  

After visiting the country they have built relationships with people there and are much more likely to want to help when there is a need in the future. The people in the host country see that other people are interested in them and they benefit from being visited; it can also stir them into ministry and help them see the importance of being involved in ministry. This can also work in reverse.  The group traveling can see the host country involved in ministry and learn from and get involved with them. It can be mutually beneficial.

Participants who go, get a better picture of the world and see how blessed they are compared to many others in the world.  This in turn can help them to be more thankful for what they have, less interested in keeping up with others, and more generous.

Why do you go overseas to do mission work when there is mission work you can do right here in the United States?

Another good question. We can be involved in mission work in our own neighborhood,  and our country as well as overseas.  There are so many things we can be involved in year round. We don't have to go out of our neighborhood to do mission work, but then neither does everyone have to be limited to their neighborhood.  We have a choice.

In Mark 16:15 Jesus says "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation."  The world can be our back yard. It can be 10,000 miles away or it can be both.

To quote a friend of mine  "It is about finding your passion. It's the same reason one person is a mechanic and not a plumber. It's all about what you're called to and passionate for."

So a question we can ask ourselves is "What am I doing?"    


How can I be involved in missions?

There are several ways a person can be involved in missions. Each is important. Which has God gifted you to do?

1. Go-er            - You go places and share the gospel. 
                             Perhaps you would like to join us on our next mission trip to Colombia.
                             Or you could go to Mexico with  Crossing Borders    
                             Or perhaps you would like to do an Urban mission in Cincinnati, Ohio with Word in the street

2. Mobilizer      - You train people to go.

3. Sender         - Financially support people to go.
                           Perhaps you would like to DONATE to support some people going.

4. Intercessor   - Pray for people going and people who need to hear the gospel.
                         - Click on  CONTACT US and let us know you would like to pray for us. We can give you

                            more details about the trip and what you can pray about.  Plus we can email you daily

                            updates while we are gone.

5. Greeter        - Welcome new people from other places. Are you outgoing and friendly?

                           Perhaps you can meet new people, make them feel welcome at church, or your school,

                           or your neighborhood, or your home. 

Vacation or Mission? Do short term mission trips do anyone any good?

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