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The people who know you really well and who know that you care for them are often your biggest donors. Of course, we don't "act" nice to them so we can have them donate. We must genuinely care about them whether they can give or not.

We need to continually build relationships and nurture these relationships. Personal letters, phone calls, or face to face communication are much better that a newsletter type fundraiser. Respond quickly by sending them thank you notes and updating them with what happened.   Emails are not very effective. Better to video yourself (not longer than 2 minutes), upload on youtube and send the link to the people you wish to receive funds from. Seeing you talk on video is a little more personal than just an email.

One of the best methods of raising funds is by sending a letter to your friends and family asking them to sponsor you. Although you may feel embarrassed to ask people to sponsor you, there are some people who would be very happy to do so, and you won't know who they are until you ask. By asking them to sponsor you, you are giving them an opportunity to be part of your experience. Many of them do not have the time, energy or motivation to go on a mission trip. They don't want to work with children, or sleep on the floor, or take cold showers and they can't get time off work. But they feel like they are doing their part if they help sponsor you to go. By offering for them to partner with you, they can help share the gospel and share in your experience. Be sure to share your experiences with them when you get back!


This is not a vacation that we go on. We are not asking people to pay for our vacation.  We are trying to improve the lives of these children by sharing the gospel and teaching them good christian principles. There are a lot of physical benefits to becoming a Christian. Things just go better for us if we live the way we were designed to live.  For example, if these children learn to be honest then they are more likely to be trusted and get a job. If they learn to to be considerate (love) others, then others are more likely to love them. And most of all, if they learn what Jesus has done for them then they can have something even greater - eternal life.



If people were happy to donate in the past that means they are supportive of you.  Don't be afraid to ask them again. We forget to look at this as an opportunity for people to participate in the trip through sponsoring us. If you thanked your donors in the past and gave them a report after the trip then they are probably quite willing to support you again. If they don't want to, then they can just ignore your letter, or give less, or say they will pray for you.  Even people who are out of work can be prayer partners. Your personal portion of the letter should emphasize that whether they can give $1 or $100  or none, you still need prayer partners.  You need to see it as an opportunity for people to participate. It is better to give them the choice than to assume they won't want to help




If you have Facebook, create a Facebook event inviting your friends to be your prayer partners and to sponsor you financially. (Call it "Support (your name) mission trip to (your country")  Send  regular updates to those who reply to the event letting them know what to pray for and how you are doing financially.  Be sure to update them on your trip when you get back as well.




Ask your Pastor and Church Advisory council if the church could either fully or partially sponsor you. Give them a letter explaining what you will be doing and why you want to go. Your involvement in the church and how well you know people will affect their decision.

Young adults, ages 17-25, who know which Christian camp or mission trip they intend to participate in, should contact the jonwhitneyfoundation.com website and request a young adult missionary grant. The grant is capped at $500.


More information on how to do this is in the Letter writing instructions.doc Start planning your lists of people now so that you are ready to send the letters out as soon as possible after you have been accepted to go on the trip. Although it takes more time and costs more, a letter that you mail, rather than an email, will be more effective because it will sit on someone's table reminding them to do something. An email, once opened will be forgotten.

It is important to include a handwritten personal note with this letter so that they know you are doing more than sending out a form letter. You need to let them know you have a heart for this and you are not just going for the fun of it, or for the travel or the opportunity to make new friends. The donation letter above should be sent as it is needed for legal reasons  - because their donations will be tax deductible.

Download the following form Sponsor list log.doc to keep track of:
who you sent letters to
who agreed to be you prayer partners
when you mailed them a thank you note and 
when you mailed a follow-up letter to them after your trip.