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 Our History

mission group, local leaders, and kids
In June 2016 a team went to Cincinnati, Ohio, to work alongside our church there.  We helped them with a three-day Festival / Carnival as well as a five-day kids' day camp. You can read more about the trip here.
Colombia trip participants
In June 2015 a team went to Barranquilla, Colombia, to work alongside our church there and have a one-week Vacation Bible School. A requirement of this trip was that everyone going have studied at least three years of Spanish, or have grown up speaking it. Ashley Ticas went along as my translator and co-leader. She wrote a blog for parents of participants.
India Team Members

2013 and 2014 we took a break from summer mission trips. Summer 2013 we spent getting to know Robbie, our future son-in-law who was visiting from Australia. Summer 2014 we had a wedding!

In 2012 we went on a two-week mission trip to India to partner with the GCI church in the city of Hyderabad.

You can read more about the trip here: http://www.gctrips.org/india/india2012.html 

In 2011 we had one team go to Zambia & Malawi and another team go to Bahamas.



Shown at left are Dusty & Barbara Miller (left) and Mike & Janet Morrison with Pastor Nkosi from Malawi.


We did Vacation Bible Schools in three churches in Zambia and three churches in Malawi.


You can read about it at





In 2011 we went back for the third time to Bahamas - a smaller group this time but the local team in Bahamas is growing.  See photo below of us with the Bahamian team. You can read more about the Bahamas mission by clicking HERE.



The exciting part of this trip were the 15 baptisms on the last day!



In 2010 we returned tothe Bahamas, working once again with a small G.C.I. church to operate a two-week Vacation Bible School  / Day Camp. There were 18 in our group coming from 7 churches in the U.S.   This time we had about 110 children ages 4 - 17 years. Once again the majority of the children were Haitian refugee children. Christmas came for them in August this year.   Each day began with worship songs, and then the children divided into different age groups for devotional messages, activities (such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, relays), crafts, and lunch. This year was easier than last year as there were less mosquitoes, no sunburn and not as much rain. We were also better prepared for the challenges that came with working with refugee children who are hungry and have been abused.  Once again we enjoyed time at a beach, and side trips to the straw market and aquarium.  We have enjoyed building a working relationship with the church in Nassau, Bahamas and plan to return again in July 2011.





In 2009, we went to the Bahamas, but it was no vacation! We worked with a small Bahamian church to operate a two-week Vacation Bible School  (V.B.S.) / Day Camp for about 120 children, ages 3–18.  About 70 percent of the children were Haitian refugee children. For them it was like Christmas in July. Each day began with worship songs, and then the children divided into different age groups for devotional messages, activities, crafts, and lunch. Our challenges included heavy rain, lots of mosquitoes and other bugs, heat and humidity, sunburn, and the challenges of working with refugee children who are hungry and have been abused. We enjoyed a day at a beach, and side trips to the straw market and aquarium.



In 2008, we went to several locations in the Philippines.We offered a two-day Vacation Bible School (V.B.S.) with about 120 kids at an elementary school near Tabaco City in Bicol. We visited a church where we had donated money to pay for a water pump and “comfort room” (restroom), gave out Bibles, made animal balloons, gave testimonies, and taught songs to the kids.  We had another two-day VBS in Bulacan where we had 100 kids inside attending the V.B.S. and another 200 showed up outside. Some of our group took the 200 away and entertained them in order to keep them (and their noise) away from the 100 we were working with inside. After that, we worked at and sponsored a youth leadership retreat for 60 teens who could not otherwise afford it.




In 2007, we went to the Chippewa & Cree Indian Reservation in Montana. There, working with another organization and a local church, we conducted a V.B.S., painted the church we stayed at, and did yard and maintenance work at various schools and houses on the Reservation.










Our first trip to the Philippines was in 2006.We shared the gospel with a group of 400 college students in Bicol, visited a small church on an outlying island to help them make a concrete floor for their thatch-roof church building, saw an erupting volcano, shared the gospel with elementary school students in Quezon province, and about 200 high school students near Manila, and conducted an open-air worship event for 800 people in Bulacan. You can read about it here.










In 2005, we went with another organization to Tijuana, Mexico. In only four days, we helped build a house (the size of a double garage) for a poor family, did street evangelism, drama ministry and invited the neighborhood to an evening crusade.







Our mission-trip experiences began in 2004, with a visit to the Navajo Indian Reservation in Utah.We did maintenance on houses for poor families on the reservation and held a cultural evening where the local community was invited.