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                                                          OTHER FUNDRAISING IDEAS

  • Tell your neighbors and friends that you are saving to go on a mission trip and that you would like to hire yourself out to them to do work such as mowing their lawn, raking leaves, shoveling snow, washing their house windows, helping paint their house, babysitting, washing their cars on a regular basis, doing laundry, cleaning or other jobs.

  • Have a yard sale. Ask friends, neighbors and church members to donate items they no longer need or crafts and baked goods that they make. You help organize and run the yard sale and the proceeds can be used for the mission trip.

  • Host a breakfast or dinner at church as a fundraiser for your mission trip (ask you Pastor first). Charge a fee for the meal (to cover the food costs and to make some profit).

  • Get a part time job after school or during the holidays.

  • Have a coffee and donut sale at church each week. Buy (or get donated) donuts and coffee and tea and have people buy them for a set price.   You could also have a jar for donations.

  • Tell your church, neighbors and friends that you are going on a mission trip and are trying to raise funds. Say that you are collecting bottles and cans to recycle. Ask if they have any bottles or cans and if they would be willing to continue saving them for you. Ask how often you should stop by to collect them or, if they live on your street, they may just drop them off in your driveway.   Church members can bring them to church.

For many more ideas go to: 101 Fundraising Ideas  and  Successful fundraising Ideas